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:mc_264-0:Guide for Staff Applications:mc_264-0:
Below are some tips that could help you create a great staff application.
The applications team looks for the best applications out of the batch.
If you want a higher chance of being accepted, we recommend reading over these tips!

Be honest.
You have to be honest and sincere in your application, it's one of the reasons many applicants get denied. Tell the truth, it is very obvious when an applicant is lying and you will be called out. Often times players will lie about their age, and it either does not match their behavior or forums account. So be honest.

Be professional.
Use formal language, don't use internet slang (LOL or XD), and don't overuse your emojis! Act like you are eligible for the team, don't be immature in your application and have a professional tone. Imagine it's a job interview. One thing that can make you look more experienced, put a profile picture!

Extend your vocabulary.
A great way to touch up your application is to extend your language. Use better words and phrases, and do not over-repeat your words. An excellent practice of this is to find synonyms of the word you use or use the dictionary to find new words!

Check your grammar and spelling.
Many applicants are too eager to post their application, they miss many grammatical and spelling errors. English may not be your first language, but it's always good to make your application make sense. Watch very carefully for even the smallest mistakes, it goes a long way. I recommend using if you are unsure about how to say something. Make sure to use punctuation and capitalize every " i ".

Use lots of details, and take your time.
Put effort into your application, put extra details and information. Take your time when responding to the questions, it's better to use your time wisely rather than posting your application as soon as you can. One of the biggest reasons for a denial is a lack of details. Check how long your application is and how much effort you actually put in it before submitting it. (Try to reach at least 4+ sentences on necessary questions)

Respond wisely.
When responding, put the correct information. Make sure it matches the question. Do not put random information in your response, save that for the second to last question: "Is there anything else we should know?"

Be yourself and unique.
Self-explanatory. Do not try to be someone you're not. Your application should reflect who you are. There are hundreds of applications posted monthly, and some are very similar. Everyone has skills and certain types of experience, but reflect that on your application.


Note! Before submitting your application, please read all the requirements above your application. Almost all applications are denied due to not reaching the requirements. Do not copy any applications, that is forbidden and you won't be able to apply again.

We wish you the best of luck!
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Increase your chances!

Below will find a guide you may follow to increase your chances to get accepted by our applications team. We highly recommend that you use these tips before or while your application is active.
Be an active member of the community.
This is the most important one. If you are applying for a position on our staff team, you must be an active member of the community. This means you are signed up for all three of our platforms (Forums, In-Game, and Discord) and you are actively helping the community. Though you do not have to mini-mod, if you see a question on one of these platforms, answer it if you can. We watch when our applicants are helpful and it gives us a view on how you will be as a staff member. For instance, if you are very helpful in the assistance chat on discord, we take not on that.

If you are helpful towards our community, you will begin to start becoming a more well-known member which really helps on your application. Something that we see is that if you assist a member, they will give you positives report to our staff and on your application. This is the best thing to do when applying.

Another thing you can do to become an active member of our community is to start reporting players. Not only does it clean up our server, it also gives you lots of credits towards getting accepted. As a trial, you are expected to record hackers and punish rule-breakers. This will give us the understanding that you know how to do so. This will also increase your post count, giving us the impression you are active on forums.

Watch yourself.
We are always watching. One of the reasons players get denied is that they do immature and dumb actions that get themselves in trouble. If you are applying for staff, make sure to watch how you behave and how you act towards our staff and players. Do not be toxic, you should be the opposite of that. Our players are always watching, especially for slip-ups. Do not break any of our server/discord/forums rules, and do not break any of the application rules, such as advertising your application or sharing it with a staff member.

If we catch with very inappropriate or unnecessary behavior, we will take a note on that and you will be denied instantly. We need staff who can hold a steady appropriate behavior towards our players. We do not want excessively rude players on our staff team. If we see that you are immature in your responses on your application, you will be denied. Same goes for not being able to cope with criticism.

Make friends with the team and members.
Players who have some type of relationships with a staff member are more likely to get accepted as it gives us the impression that they can communicate easily, and make friends with the rest of our team. As a staff team, we strive to be strong and steady within ourselves. If you have bad communications skills, our team is not for you.

Try talking to one of us on discord or on forums. We are always up for a game! This will definitely help you get more well known within the community and give you points upon your application. Same goes for the members. If you are liked by the community, we will see that! We need staff that our players "somewhat" like.

Overall, just be an active member of our community, don't slip up, and make friends. Show that you are capable to be a member of our staff team. Everyone can, but we need the ones who give an effort to show us that.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be free to message any staff member for tips.

Note! These will not ensure you a staff position as your application is half the battle.
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