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  1. Taako

    Accepted Fabby_'s Staff Application

    Thank you for your application, We would love to talk more in discord can you please make a ticket in our discord. @Fabby_
  2. Taako

    Important Forum Rules

    Introduction This guide will contain the most important information regarding how punishments are issued on the Visen forums, and how to properly meet our behavior expectations. We will update this guide with a frequency according to the new rules, therefore you should stay tuned for possible...
  3. Taako

    READ BEFORE POSTING Applying For Staff

    Hi players of Visen, As you can see here we have put in place a new system for the applications. With these changes, it means that we will be doing some things in a different way than from the last application forms. The application system is very straight forward, you just read the...
  4. Taako

    Helpful [Tips] How To Write A Great Staff Application

    Increase your chances! Below will find a guide you may follow to increase your chances to get accepted by our applications team. We highly recommend that you use these tips before or while your application is active. Be an active member of the community. This is the most important one. If you...
  5. Taako

    Helpful [Tips] How To Write A Great Staff Application

    :mc_264-0:Guide for Staff Applications:mc_264-0: Below are some tips that could help you create a great staff application. The applications team looks for the best applications out of the batch. If you want a higher chance of being accepted, we recommend reading over these tips! Be honest. You...
  6. Taako


    This thread will be to clear up questions about the current application system that we have in place. Be sure to check your question here first before you message a staff member! Q: How many times can I apply for Staff? A: You may apply 3 times to become a staff. (Note that you must wait at...
  7. Taako

    Update 12/3/2020

    Changelog: Site Emails now work to send and receive Site now hosts own email service @ Site now has working vote links @ Forums now have working category's and threads Fixed discord sign on (is still slow, working on it) Fixed...