Visen Community

Dec 03

Update 12/3/2020


Site Emails now work to send and receive

Site now hosts own email service @

Site now has working vote links @

Forums now have working category's and threads

Fixed discord sign on (is still slow, working on it)

Fixed linking Minecraft account ( Now use /linkaccount in game)


Working on donator roles

Taking ideas for perks and cool in-game stuff to give

Need stuff to give for voting i.e.. diamonds gold iron keys

Need ideas for kits

Need ideas for crates
Aug 06

Accepted Fabby_'s Staff Application

First Name:: Fabian

Minecraft Username:: Fabby_

Discord Username:: Fabby#7235

Age:: 13

Language(s):: English and Polish

Country:: England

Time Zone:: GMT

Are you active on Discord & Forums?: Yes

For how long have you been playing on Visen?: Not very long, Just checked out the server after seeing a staff recruitment forum on

Are you able to perform voice calls through Discord?: Yes

Are you able to record and upload videos?: Yes

Why do you want to become a staff member?: I want to become a staff member because I think I can offer a lot to your server...